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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ #1: Do you allow Pets?  
Yes, there is a 25lb weight limit and a $300 pet deposit ($50 of which is non-refundable). If the animal is a certified service animal or prescribed emotional support animal, there is no weight limit or pet deposit.

FAQ #2: Do you accept Section 8 vouchers? Is Suncrest Village an Affordable property? 
Yes, we have some apartments without USDA Rental Assistance that can be paid for by Section 8 vouchers. Section 8 will only cover the rent portion, it will not cover any of the service package. 

FAQ #3: What are your income requirement? 
Our income limits are changed based on the Median Income for our County.  In 2021, for 1 person it is under $33,180 annually, for 2 people it's under $37,920 annually.

FAQ #4: What is included in rent?  
Garbage, sewer, water, electricity, and 2 pull cords in each apartment.

FAQ #5: What is the service package?  
The Service Package Program is a service program that includes but not limited to: housekeeping twice a month (including linens and towels, but not personal laundry); local transportation twice a week to doctors, shopping, pharmacies, bank, etc.; 1 large nutritious lunch 365 days/year in our common dining room; food bank delivery twice a month, if you so desire; library outreach delivery once a month; and activities (including scenic drives, crafts, movies, entertainment, exercise, games, lunch outings, music, and a myriad of different Socials!). It is meant to offer fun, creative, and helpful ways to keep our residents active and social. Our community is still vibrant and young at heart!

FAQ #6: How do I get a subsidy? 
34 of our 36 apartments are subsidized by the government. The 3 apartments that are not subsidized, constitute a list of individuals who are able to receive a subsidy. That list is in order from lowest annual net income to highest annual net income. The individual who has the lowest net income, will be the one to receive a subsidy when it becomes available. In order for a subsidy to become available, another resident who HAS a subsidy needs to move out of our community. That's the great part, the subsidy doesn't stay with the apartment! It's fluid and moves around! AND should you be curious, the subsidy here at Suncrest Village is 30% of your net income.